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COUNTER MEASURES DISPENSING SYSTEM (CMDS) is a state of the art Flare and Chaff Dispensing System. CMDS is an airborne defensive system providing self-protection to the aircraft against Radar guided & IR seeking missiles by dispensing Chaffs and Flares.


  • Auto / Semi auto mode firing of flare and/or chaff payloads.

  • Stand – alone CMDS / Operation through EW Suite or MFD

  • Mixed payload Dispensers

  • Direction specific Dispensation of Payloads based on the PFM or by EW Suite

  • PFM Data loading through Various methods as per users choice (through MIL 1553 or Directly through PDA/DFL)

  • Any combination of payloads can be fired at any interval in any direction from any Magazine

  • Programmable critical quantity

  • NVG compatible display

  • User friendly firing program data base generation and programming software

  • MIL STD 1553 B / RS-422 full duplex communication for external interface with EW Suite.

  • Doubling of flares firing during “After Burner” stage.

  • Simultaneous firing of payloads.

  • Training mode

  • Stopping of currently executed firing program

  • No direction specific loading of payloads

  • Automatic recognition of Master and its presence

  • It can also dispense ECM decoys, Optical Obscurants & AAEDs if size & firing current is same as NATO STD Cartridges

  • Mapping of firing pin – payload as per Firing Program (PFM)

  • In service on Jaguar, ALH, LCA, AEW&C and MIRAGE, Development under progress for SU-30 MKI, MLH, LCH, C295 and HAWK.

  • Auto dispensation at specific way points.

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C – 303 Anti-Torpedo Decoy Launching System is meant to counter the threat posed by any active and/or passive homing Torpedo. 


Effectors: Expandable Decoy (Simulate as false credible targets) and Jammers (underwater broadband noise generator)

Launching system: Mounted externally on the pressure hull of the submarine and below the submarine superstructure.

Control Panel: A Man Machine Interface fitted in CIC room which controls the launching of the countermeasures.


MECHANICAL FEATURES                                                                                               JAMMER/ DECOY:

Length             :           1787mm                                                                               Length                   :  1125 mm

Height/Width   :          163mm/163mm                                                                     Diameter                :   76.2 mm

Weight             :           72 Kg (approx.)                                                                    Weight                   :    6 Kg (approx.)

PNEUMATIC FEATURES                                                                                        Minimum firing Depth : 20 Mtrs

Operating pressure                   :250 bar                                                                  Maximum firing Depth : 400 Mtrs

Max charge rate                        :30 bar/min                                                            Sink Rate                     : 1 Mtrs/Sec

Muzzle Velocity                       :35-40 m/s                                                               Storage Life                 : >20 Years with out battery


ELECTRICAL FEATURES              :28Vdc                                                              Operative Temperature  : -2 to +35 °C


Operative temperature  :           -2 to +35 °C

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C 303S Anti-Torpedo Decoy Launching System


C – 303S Anti-Torpedo Decoy Launching System is meant to counter the threat posed by any active and/or passive homing Torpedo.



  • Jammer is an underwater broadband noise generator. It masks the target to the attacking torpedo.

  • Mobile Target Emulators (MTE) is a self-propelled countermeasure able to emulate the acoustic and dynamic behaviour of a real submarine. It simulates a target through the generation of echoes based on the acoustic emission of the attacking torpedo.

5” LAUNCHER:                                                                                                  MOBILE TARGET EMULATOR:


Length :           1907mm                                                                                       Length             :            1149 mm

Height/Width   :           163mm/163mm                                                                Diameter        :            123.8 mm

Weight :                       79 Kg (approx.)                                                                Weight            :            23 Kg (approx.)

PNEUMATIC FEATURES                                                                                     Minimum firing Depth : 20 Mtrs

Operating pressure                   :       250 bar                                                        Maximum firing Depth : 400 Mtrs

Max charge rate           :           30 bar/min                                                            Storage Life     : >20 Years without battery

ELECTRICAL FEATURES  :           28Vdc                                                             Operative Temperature : -2 to +35 °C


Operative temperature   :      -2 to +35 °C

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DISHANI is a directional Sonobuoy and an expendable air-deployed ASW sensor system in a compact, self-contained package comprising of acoustic sensors, electronics, and mechanical assemblies and parachute.It is meant to be dropped from an aircraft (fixed / rotary wing) and after entering the water separate into an underwater unit and a surface radio transmitter which then relay the acoustic signals to the aircraft.A directional sonobuoy system consists of a wet end comprising of the sonobuoy and an onboard system comprising of RF transceiver capable of receiving the sensor data, signal processing subsystem & HMI unit for displaying the resultant information.


•     Deployment platform - Helicopter / Fixed Wing Aircraft

•     Sonobuoy dimensions - Standard NATO size 'A’

•     Launch altitude - 50-1000 m (for helicopter), 100 – 8000 m (for fixed wing aircraft)

•     Launch speed - 0-150 Knots (Helicopter lAS) 150 – 370 Knots (Fixed wing IAS)

•     Acoustic Sensor Selections - Shallow Omni Hydrophone (15m), Deep Omni Hydrophone (up to 300 m) or Directional Sensor (up to 300 m)

•     Operating depth - Preset selectable four depth settings (30m, 60m, 120m, 300m)

•     Operating life - Selectable (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8) hours

•     Electronic Feature Select (EFS) - Operating Depth, RF Channel, Operating Life, Acoustic Sensor, Pre amplifier Gain, Scuttle

•     Command Feature Select (CFS) - RF Channel, Operating Life, Acoustic Sensor, Pre amplifier Gain, Scuttle

•     Command Feature Select (CFS) - UHF – single channel at 291.4 MHz

•     Sonobuoy Selection - Individual addressing (24 bit)

•     Sonobuoy Data telemetry band - VHF (136.000 to 173.500 MHz) 100 channels selectable

•     Sonobuoy Location Information - Equipped with GPS for own location / reconfigurable to NAVIC in future

•     Weight - 9 Kg Approx.

•     Shelf Life - 5 years in sealed container