Citizen charter

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A Charter, as explained in the Oxford Dictionary, is a written statement – (i) describing the rights that a certain group of people have or should have; (ii) by a Ruler or a Government giving certain rights and privileges to a town, company, university, etc. or allowing a new organisation, etc. to be founded; (iii) of the main function and principles of an organisation.

 We may, however in general, say that the Charter arises from the dissatisfaction of citizens, consumers, or customers with the quality of services/products an organisation offers. Ordinarily, it contains a brief statement of the service concerned and its public interface that is to be addressed as well as commitment to Standard (i.e. time, quality, etc.).

 It can, therefore, be said that the Citizens’ Charter represents the commitment of the organisation towards standard, quality, time frame of service/product delivery, grievance redress mechanism, transparency and accountability; and the organisation envisage through it to provide a more responsive and citizen/customer friendly governance.


The Citizens’ Charter of Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) is appended below:

1. The Company:

BDL was incorporated in JULY 1970 as a Central Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Defence (Dept. of Defence Production and Supplies), with the primary objective to establish a production base for guided missiles in India and to make her self-reliant in hi-tech weapon systems.

Pioneering with license production of SS11B1, a 1st Generation Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), the Company has over three decades of experience in operating at the cutting-edge of technology, manufacturing single-shot state-of-the-art ATGMs, viz. MILAN, KONKURS, 2nd Plus Generation ATGMs, Long-range Strategic Missiles, underwater weapons, decoys and refurbishment/life-extension of missiles held by the Services. BDL has, thus, been nominated as the prime production agency for Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). 

It has the capability to produce the most advanced guided missile systems for the Defence of the country. Capitalising on its human resources and technology base, it has grown from single-unit single-product organisation to a multi-unit multi-product organisation.

Observing high degree of security, safety, maintaining quality and productivity, BDL has been growing to serve the Nation and put in the elite-class of MINI RATNAs. BDL is the Force behind the Peace.

2. The Vision:

The organisation’s vision is to achieve scales of excellence in offering products of superior technology and enhanced customer satisfaction.  The Company aims to establish its preference in the field of Defence equipment covering the total spectrum of the requirements of three service wings.

Committed to the principle of Total Quality Management, the endeavor of the organisation is to manufacture and supply equipment, which standdefect free through their designated life cycle. The Company recognizes the basic tenet that its products are designated for exploitation by the services – “the sentinels of peace” at decisive moment, which defines life and death and national security and integrity.

3. The Mission:

BDL will establish itself as an industry for manufacturing guided weapons and simultaneously emerge as a sophisticated, self sufficient, high technology enterprise, serving the Defence needs of the nation.

4. The Strategy:

We shall carry out quality services at all levels by our talented, technically qualified and experienced personnel.

  • Carry out sustained R&D to facilitate product and accessories/equipment upgradation and development of new products.
  • Be innovative and creative.
  • Redress grievances promptly and ensure preventive vigilance.
  • Nurture, sustain & develop quality consciousness at all levels including customers for effectiveness of the quality management       system.
  • Involve our supplier of raw materials, components, etc. as part of our team in the quality improvement process.
  • Strive and achieve operational excellence through waste elimination and value engineering efforts.  

5. The Business Transacted: 

  • Manufacture & development of strategic and tactical missile system for our armed forces.
  • Formulation, direction & execution of scientific & technological programmes of research & design development, test & evaluation   of Defence systems in the field of relevance to national security.
  • Management of establishments, ranges, facilities, projects, etc. of the company including customer relation and development.
  • Management of all matters related to HRM & HRD of the company including customer training.
  • Management of ground systems and refurbishment of missiles sent by the Services.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of technologies and products developed by the Company.
  •   Interaction with MoD, DRDO, Ordnance Factories, Defence & other PSUs, Services, Vendors developed, etc. on all aspects of our    products and services.
  •   Interaction with MOEA as the nodal coordinating agency of MoD on all matters relating to technology transfer and acquisition whose   impact to India is this subject of national security related controls of Foreign Governments.
  • Undertaking of Social & Rural Development activities.

6. The Standard:

            We shall –

  • Strictly adhere to the specifications and standards stipulated in ISO-9001: 2000
  • Ensure that our products are based on the-state-of-the-art-technology and price-friendly.
  • Ensure delivery of our products as per agreed terms and delivery schedule.
  • Declare that our products, being single shot device, have gone through the strictest quality control norms and shall guarantee the total   technical life of the product.
  • Assure of greatest standard of service and eager to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensure acknowledgement of all correspondence/communication at the earliest not exceeding 30 working days.
  • Ensure early clearance of financial dues not exceeding 30 working days from the date of receipt of genuine and bonafide claims.
  • Work as an instrument of self-reliance in guided missile weapon/systems.
  • Strive to attain international standard to become globally competitive.  Our sustained R&D efforts should enable us to be a                 strong force to reckon within the global source.
  • Make sincere efforts in meeting all our social obligations towards the community in general and our customers/vendors in particular.
  •   Ensure maintenance of cordial and amiable relations with all concerned.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all our endeavor, business and economic activities.
  • Make our rules and procedures as simple as possible and to be vigilant against all malpractices, irregularities and corruption.

7. The Customers/Clients/Vendors:

  • Three wings of the Armed Forces are our major customers.
  • Department of Defence Research & Development (R&D), including DRDO Labs.
  • Defence sector PSUs and other PSUs.
  • Ordinance factories.
  • Vendors developed by the Company (BDL).
  • Academic Institutions for knowledge management.
  • Home Departments of Central/State Governments.

8. Services provided to Client/Customer Group:

We shall –

  • Adopt systems and procedures that leave no scope for any corrupt practices.
  • Maintain absolute conditionality of the information/complaints.
  • Ensure prompt and expeditious enquiry into all genuine and legitimate complaints of corruption of any kind against any of our  employees, as we believe means and ends cannot be separated. In fact, good end calls for good means and vice versa.  There shall  be no need for any one at any time to offer bribe or any other inducement for transacting business with us.
  • Always remain honest and transparent.
  • Constantly try to capture customer’s voice in improvement of service rendered/business provided.
  • Undertake various extension development measures for implementation of different projects related to weapon systems.
  •   Implement various quality/quantity up-gradation projects for the benefit of our customers.

9. The commitments:

            We shall accomplish our mission with-

  • Integrity, Devotion and Dedication
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Courtesy & Promptness
  • Fairness
  • Total Quality
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Trust & Team Spirit
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Humility
  • Cooperation
  • Commit us to do duties to the best of our ability, intensity and efficiency with the prime moto of fulfilling the customers’           shareholders’ and  individual’s requirements and to rise to their expectation and beyond.
  • To meet the statutory/regulatory requirements related to products, explosive, safety, security, finance, customers, taxes and HR.
  • To train, motivate & encourage personnel at all levels to identify quality problems and to suggest solutions/remedial measures.

10. Expectation from the clients/customers:

Our Expectations:

(i) From the user service (Army, Navy & Air Force)

  • Full participation in development & manufacturing process, quality control, periodical reviews and financial commitments.
  •   Formulation of perspective plans for induction & maintenance of weapon systems in the services.
  • Be acquainting with the systems, technologies & maintenance procedures and product performance criteria.
  •   Indicate realistic & reasonable schedule and make prompt payment.
  • Comply with service instructions & timely maintenance procedure.

(ii) From DRDO & MOD

  • Facilitate transfer of technology, absorption and production.
  • Make us partner in developing new technologies and productionisation of indigenously developed products/weapon systems.

(iii) From DPSUs, OFs & Vendors

  • Fair, honest & transparent dealing.
  • Strict adherence to time and delivery schedule.
  • To extend fullest cooperation to achieve target.
  • To remain as active and willing partner giving full participation in all our endeavor.

(iv) General Expectations:

  • Spirited sensitiveness to our social obligations.
  • A determination to achieve economy on our products/services without compromising the quality standards.
  • A strive to maintain reasonable and competitive rates through continuous technology improvement, re-engineering and restructuring.
  • A determination to eliminate wasteful practices, to reduce rejection and to ensure zero defects.
  • A passionate desire for up-gradation & expansion of employee knowledge and skills and create an ambience for nurturing & growing  talents.

11. Customer Satisfaction Survey: 

Sending questionnaires to customers and eliciting their opinion about the products and services offered. The data thus received are analysed to offer remedies/improvements.

12. Users’ (Customers’) Training:

In order to ensure effective and best use of the products supplied by us, periodical training programme and workshops are organized wherein operational, technical and maintenance aspects are taken care. Continual training enables the customers/users to understand best the nuances of the systems of deriving the best value for the investment made.

13. Grievance & Complaint Handling System:

Customer’s complaints are systematically processed for timely response and solution. Being multi-product and multi-division company with ISO accreditation, BDL adopts a decentralized approach to handle customer complaints. However, we shall-

  • Keep our grievance and complaint-redressed machinery open and receptive.
  • Grievance/complaints will be acknowledged and efforts will be made to redress within 30 working days from the date of receipt.
  • Grievance/complaints may be taken up with the designated Nodal Officers at division/corporate level or to the Public Grievance Officer, who will hear promptly, not exceeding 30 working days, the grievance/complaint.

14. Nodal Officers & Public Grievance Officers:

            The following are –


Nodal Officer for Suo-Motu Disclosures under RTI Act-2005:

Shri M Ravi,
General Manager (Business Development & Marketing),
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Corporate Office, Plot No 38-39,
TSFC Building (Near ICICI Towers),
Financial District, Gachibowli,
Telangana -500032.

Phone No.040-23456147
Fax No.040-23456153
Appellate Authority:

Shri N Satyanarayana,
Head (Human Resources),
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Corporate Office, Plot No 38-39,
TSFC Building (Near ICICI Towers),
Financial District, Gachibowli,
Telangana -500032.

Phone No.040-23456125
Fax No.040-23456164

Central Public Information Officer (CPIO):
for Bharat Dynamics Limited, Corporate Office (CO)

Shri A. Sathesh Chakravarthi,
Dy.General Manager C-HR (TA & OD),
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Corporate Office, Plot No 38-39,
TSFC Building (Near ICICI Towers),
Financial District, Gachibowli,
Telangana -500032.

Phone No.040-23456128

Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
for Bharat Dynamics Limited, Corporate Office (CO) & Nodal Officer for RTI Online Portal

Smt. K Prashanthi

Manager (C-HR)-Admin
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Corporate Office, Plot No 38-39,
TSFC Building (Near ICICI Towers),
Financial District, Gachibowli,
Telangana -500032.

Phone No.040-23456180
Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
for Bharat Dynamics Limited, Kanchanbagh & Ibrahimpatnam Unit (KBU & IBU)

Shri Sridhar Thamma,
Dy.General Manager (HR- Estt & Admin) -KBU,
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Kanchanbagh (PO), Hyderabad,
Telangana- 500058.

Phone No.040-24587173
Asst. Public Information Officer (APIO):
for Bharat Dynamics Limited, Bhanur Unit (BU)

Shri P Nageswar Rao,
Deputy General Manager (HR- ER,Sec, TSA & HA)-BU,
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
Bhanur (PO),Sanga Reddy District,
Telangana- 502305.

Phone No.040-23469159

Asst. Public Information Officer:
for Bharat Dynamics Limited, Vizag Unit (VU)

Shri Mohan Murari Govindam
Senior Manager (HR)-VU,
Bharat Dynamics Limited,
G Block, APIIC-IALA, Fakhertakia Village,
VSEZ Post,Vishkhapatnam,
Andhrapradesh- 530049.

Phone No.0891-2821505

 15. Transparency:

With the above Charter, we assure that we shall-

  • Adopt systems and procedures that leave no scope for any corrupt practice.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality of the information/complaints.


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